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Competitive Events

North Dakota HOSA offers many competitive events held prior to or during
the State Leadership Conference.

Each year, students are allowed to participate in up to:

3 test only events

1 individual event, and

1 team event.

2023 Cheat Sheet on Competitive Events 

There are no limitations associated with Recognition Events. 

Are you looking for resources to help prepare for competitive events? 
2023-2024 Competitive Event Guidelines
Updates to Competitive Events are done throughout the year and can be found here. It is the responsibility of the competitor and advisor to be aware of any changes or updates to any particular event.
Check out this page for additional resources. 
Middle School Compts.

Testing Events (only a test is involved)

Foundations of Medical Terminology

Health Career Exploration

Math for Health Careers

Foundations of Medical Reading

Foundations of Nutrition 

Foundations of Veterinary Science

Team Events

Public Health (test + skill)

Dynamic Decisions (test + skill)

Health Career Display (submit + present)

Health Education (submit + present)

Individual Events

Life Threatening Situations (test + skill)

Exploring Medical Innovation

Extemporaneous Health Poster 

Health Career Preparation (submit + present)

Healthy Lifestyle (test + skill)

Prepared Speaking 

Speaking Skills 

Recognition Events

Barbara James Service Award

HOSA Happenings

HOSA Service Project

Post Secondary Compts

Health Science Events- Test Only Events

Behavioral Health

Cultural Diversities & Disparities

Dental Terminology


Health Informatics

Human Growth & Development

Medical Law & Ethics

Medical Math

Medical Reading

Medical Spelling (round 1 test, then spell-down)

Medical Terminology 




Health Professions Events

Biotechnology (test + skill)

Clinical Laboratory Science (test + skill)

Clinical Nursing

Clinical Specialty

Dental Science (test + skill)

Medical Assisting (test + skill)

Nursing Assisting (test + skill)

Personal Care *

Pharmacy Science (test + skill)

Phlebotomy (test + skill)

Physical Therapy (test + skill)

Respiratory Therapy (test + skill)

Sports Medicine (test + skill)

Veterinary Science (test + skill)

Emergency Preparedness Events

CERT Skills (test + skill)

CPR/First Aid (team) (test + skill)

EMT (team) (test + skill)

Epidemiology (test only)

Life Support Skills*

Mental Health Promotion

Public Health (team) (test + skill)

Leadership Events

Extemporaneous Writing (test + present)

Family Medicine Physician

Health Career Photography (submit + present)

Healthy Lifestyle (test + skill) 

Interviewing Skills* (submit + present)

Job Seeking Skills (submit + present)

Prepared Speaking

Research Poster (submit + present)

Researched Persuasive Writing       
     & Speaking 
(submit + present)

Speaking Skills* 

Teamwork Events

Biomedical Debate (test + skill)

Community Awareness (submit + present)

Creative Problem Solving (test + skill)

Forensic Science (test + skill)

Health Career Display (submit + present)

Health Education (submit + present)

Public Service Announcement (submit + present)

HOSA Bowl (test + skill)

*Student must be classified under the provisions of the 2004 reauthorized individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to participate. 

Recognition Events

Barbara James Service Award

HOSA Happenings

National Service Project

Outstanding HOSA Achievement 

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