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Tallo will no longer be used for uploads. HOSA Digital Upload System through CMS will now be utilized. Information will be made available soon!

The following competitive events require competitors to upload digital materials to uploads by May 15th for ILC 2024. Competitors should check at the local level to determine what events require a digital upload through for any regional and state/chartered association conferences.

  1. Clinical Specialty

  2. Community Awareness

  3. Emotional Well-Being Challenge* (due April 1st)

  4. Health Career Display (SS & PSC only)*

  5. Health Career Photography

  6. Health Education (SS & PSC only)*

  7. HOSA Happenings (SS & PSC only)*^

  8. Interviewing Skills

  9. Job Seeking Skills

  10. Medical Innovation

  11. Mental Health Promotion

  12. MRC Partnership

  13. Public Service Announcement

  14. Researched Persuasive Writing and Speaking

  15. Research Poster

* = Please note, Middle School competitors are not able to use Tallo for uploads. Any digital upload requirements for Middle School events will be done by May 15th using a unique submission link posted in the event guidelines. These events include Emotional Well-Being Challenge (due April 1st), Exploring Medical Innovation, Health Career Display, Health Education, and HOSA Happenings (optional for state level). 

^for State/Association uploads only; NOT required for ILC.


Reminder: Upload is open for ILC submissions April 15th – May 15th. ILC uses pre-judging in several events, so be sure to upload your required ILC content by the May 15th deadline! Check your guidelines for more information.

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