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Starting a Chapter

Starting a new chapter can be a very simple task. Here are a few steps to follow:

1. Determine the interest 

Are there students interested in participating in this organization? A minimum of 6 is required to start a local chapter.

2. Get support from the school administration 

If you are affiliating as part of a school system, you must have their support to start a local chapter.

3. Contact the State Advisor

Reach out to the state advisor for resources and direction. Then, a request will be sent to the HOSA headquarters for CMS login credentials.

4. Review provided materials and resources

The initial information can be overwhelming! Just continue to read through it and ask questions of the state advisor and fellow chapter advisors along the way.

5. Affiliate initial chapter members within the CMS program.

Log in to the CMS to affiliate chapter members. Please be sure to get non-school issued email addresses to enable clear lines of communication between the state officer team and local chapter members.  

Continue recruiting!

Continue promoting HOSA to students within your school and community. Chapter development is the single biggest contributor to maintaining a local chapter long-term. 

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